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Monterrey is known as the industrial capital of Mexico, one of the leading financial centers of the country and one of the most important educational centers in Latin America.


The corporate offices of some of the most important companies in Mexico are based in Monterrey; accordingly, the city is an industrial center par excellence. With more than 20,000 companies and 8,000 industries located in Monterrey, nearly 12% of Mexico's gross national product is generated here, and nine of the most important Mexican industrial groups are located in Monterrey, and many foreign companies have decided to establish their neuralgic centers in Monterrey to take advantage of the excellent technical quality of the graduates of local universities.

The industries located in Monterrey and northeast Mexico are well known by the production of beer, glass, steel, synthetic fibers, cement, auto parts and high technology, among others, and the entrepreneurs of this region have significant participation in the Mexican financial system.

Thus, having developed a sophisticated business culture, Monterrey has become one of the most attractive areas for foreign companies investing in Mexico.

Due to the significant increase in the development of commercial relations between Mexico and the world, as well as the clear trends towards  globalization of the international economy, our firm contemplated the growing need of our community to have independent lawyers and firms with the capacity to understand, work and function in multicultural business environments in which an interaction between different legal systems is observed.

In Gabuardi Abogados we are oriented to satisfy the growing and demanding needs of those doing business in Mexico.

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